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There's a melody attached to every emotion. My purpose is to capture my interpretation of it, and put it to song. 

My name is Alexander. 

    Growing up, most people know me as Al Green but, that professional name has already been taken.

    I've been writing and composing my own music since I was 13 years old. I've pursued my passion for music ever since. To say the least, it's been a roller coaster. I've established a song book of close to 100, if not more, original tunes. These are all songs that mark moments in my life that I feel many people can relate to. At least I hope so. If not, that would mean I'm not accomplishing my goal. That goal, is to connect with you and share an emotion with you. That being said, I've never had a set genre. Sometimes life makes you want to rock, sometimes it makes you want to roll. Sometimes you head down south and instantly want to relish in the country vibe, or you just need to feel some funk. I don't believe that genre matters. It's the message that does. Most of any music would fall into pop (realistically). If it's a popular song, regardless of it being Hip-Hop, Alternative, Indie or whatever, it's pop. And I write pop music. 

    I was lucky enough to grow up with an amazing musician and best friend by my side, James Jannetty. The reason we were brought together was to create music. So we did! Played out all the time. Any chance we had, we took. While we lived the typical teenage life, most of our time was spent teaching ourselves how to record and spending hours on end making music. Still to this day, we know where the other is going in a melody. Our biggest thing was harmony. We're both writers so it has always been easy to bounce ideas off of one another. We dreamed big and still do. It's just easier to envision your dreams and aspirations when you're a little younger. After so many people saying "go for it," James and Myself tried out for season 8 for American Idol. We both were accepted and went to Hollywood. Our trip there was cut short just before the Live shows. At that point in time, we had just started our first year going to school at Musicians institute in Hollywood, CA. While attending, we put together a great band. The James Alexander Band. We performed and played out at numerous venues all over California. You'll find our songs on the listen page.  

By all means, please check out James' website and connect with him as well.

   Music is my life. It always has been. It's a talent I was given for a reason. In addition, I've always tried to seek opportunities to write for others. I love writing and performing my own music but, give me an idea and have me turn it into a song for you. It's my passion. If you're with any publishing or music act that need material or maybe just another creative mind in the room, please visit my connect page and contact me. I'd love to meet you. 

    If you like what you see and hear, please.. spread the word! We all live connected nowadays. I need your help for this to become a greater, more successful reality. 

   Peace and Love to you all. 

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